Fluorescent Light Recycling

Safe disposal = protecting people and the planet.


Why Recycle Fluorescent Lights?

A single fluorescent tube contains enough mercury to contaminate 50,000 liters of water. Recycling insures lights don't end up in landfills where people, wildlife, and water could be contaminated.

What We Do

How we Recycle Fluorescent Bulbs

We recycle fluorescent lights by crushing them into sealed drums before sending them to a secure facility for further separating and safe handling. The benefits of this are many.

80% Less Transportation and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Than trucking whole tubes

Increased Safety

By minimizing exposure to stored fluorescents

99.9% Chemical Recovery

Of mercury and phosphor

What Does It Cost To Recycle?

Responsible recycling saves our landfills from being contaminated with mercury. The cost of NOT recycling is much higher.

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