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Eco Lighting got our start in creating efficient, effective and quality lighting solutions for condos. We’re proud to continue that work today. Let us use our vast experience and expertise to help you achieve maximum energy savings without sacrificing light level or safety. You can have bright well-lit buildings AND be energy and cost efficient!

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Why Work With Eco Lighting

Energy Efficient LED Lighting

We’re experts in multi-family residential and condo lighting - electricity costs are constantly increasing and we can save you money. Lighting retrofits pay back very quickly — two years or less on investment! Well-lit and inviting spaces can increase curb appeal and help residents feel safer and happier. 

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Custom Solutions

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Condominium Projects

Pontefino II

ENERGY SAVINGS = $25, 711 | $PAYBACK TIME = 1.5 years

  • Retrofit parkade lighting with type B ballast-bypass LED tubes and recertify the fixtures to maximize energy savings and increase light levels, and retrofit all fluorescent fixtures in miscellaneous common areas to ballast bypass LED tubes.
  • Replace hallway fixtures with modern, easy to maintain sconces with LED lamps.
  • Design, install and optimize a zonal occupancy sensing system in the parkade to further increase cost savings without compromising safety.
  • Repair/replace select damaged outdoor fixtures to increase the light output and enhance the curb appeal of the building.


Condominium Projects

McPherson Place

ENERGY SAVINGS = 38, 240 | $PAYBACK TIME = 0.6 years

  • Retrofitted 130 existing fixtures in parkade to LED type B ballast bypass lamps. Recertified fixtures for CSA compliance.
  • Recycled all old ballasts and fluorescent lamps appropriately.
  • Installed bi-level dimming motion sensor fixtures in stairwell, mechanical room and parkade elevator lobby.
  • Installed a properly zoned occupancy sensor system in the parkade. Installed wire guards on sensors to protect the system from vandalism.
  • Retrofitted all hallway pot lights to ballast-free LED plug lamps.
  • Install surge suppression on 208V lighting panel.


6 Steps to Energy Efficiency in Condos

1. LED retrofits
The essential first step in maximizing energy and cost savings.

2. Remove ballasts
A little-known technique to save you money!

3. Add occupancy sensing and dimming features
Lighting when you need it = safety and savings.

4. Use motion sensing to optimize garbage chutes, closets and corridors
Not all areas need continuous light!

5. Optimize outdoor lighting
Just as important and impactful as lighting your indoor spaces.

6. Surge protect your electrical panels
Protect your electrical panels with surge suppression.


Our customers report drastically lower monthly energy and maintenance bills, by up to 90%, with the latest in LED technology and control systems

Our Process

How We Help You

Our knowledgeable team listens to what you want to achieve and what your lighting challenges are. Then we get to work on creating a solution for you. Whether it’s a completely new lighting plan, control system or LED retrofits, we maximize the impact a lighting solution can have on your space and budget.

If you are simply after some new fixtures or replacement lamps, we've got you covered. We'll skip to step three and provide what you need from our vast inventory and product selection.

Why Work With Eco Lighting?

  • We’re experts in multi-family and condo lighting.
  • Electricity costs are constantly increasing and we can save you money.
  • Lighting retrofits pay back very quickly — two years or less on investment!
  • Well lit and decorative spaces help residents feel safer and happier. 

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