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Eco Lighting has your LED lighting needs covered. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Interested in saving money and energy while upgrading your lighting and space? Give us a call and let us create a custom solution for you.



We help our customers realize significant savings, reportedly up to 90%, on their monthly energy and maintenance bills after switching to the latest in LED technology and control systems.

Our Process

How We Help You

Our knowledgeable team listens to what you want to achieve and what your lighting challenges are. Then we get to work on creating a solution for you. Whether it’s a completely new lighting plan, control system or LED retrofits, we maximize the impact a lighting solution can have on your space and budget.

If you are simply after some new fixtures or replacement lamps, we've got you covered. We'll skip to step three and provide what you need from our vast inventory and product selection.

What We've Done

Our Projects

We’re proud of our work and the substantial impact it’s had on our clients’ buildings and budgets — with improved lighting resulting in cost paybacks realized in two years or less. Take a look!




What our Customers are Saying

Brad K.

I highly recommend Eco-Lighting for any lighting project. You cannot beat this level of customer service and expertise. Thank you so much Tracy, Curtis and Sam!

Syd H.

The team installed them very neatly and requested my input throughout the install. I liked the fact that the old lights and fixtures were removed and RECYCLED. Great job to Tracy and his team!

Aaron H.

I was happy to find out that Eco lighting was a local company I could actually speak to about their product (not just a massive lighting supplier) . We've had exceptional results with lighting exotic tropical plants thanks to Tracy's expertise.

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