Bring new life to your home with the power of LED lighting and control systems. With top quality LED lighting solutions, you can make your space exactly what you have always wanted it to be. Learn more
We provide top quality LEDs and control systems for your industrial buildings that ensure your hardest to reach lights are not a concern anymore. These systems let you achieve 60% or more in energy and maintenance savings. Learn more
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Our Complete LED Lighting, Installation Services, and Recycling Have Made Us the Best Choice for LED in Calgary

Eco Lighting Solutions specializes in holistic solutions, and help our clients solve more than lighting issues in their home and business.  Our team of experts take the time to find out what is important to you, and then help guide you in finding the best LED and control systems for your building, new or retrofit.  We provide solutions for industrial, commercial, retail, explosion proof, horticultural, Flexstrip and residential. We work with a variety of clients including homeowners, growers, property managers, and electrical contractors.  We also provide services that cover all stages of your building’s life, from layouts and substitutions of a new build, to retrofitting and recycling, to maintaining a building after LEDs are installed.  With a showroom focused on showing you the power of LED we are ready to show you the power of LED.

Our LED Lights Are Designed For Maximum Impact In Every Environment

Our robust catalogue of LEDs and control systems can light up your space in a pleasing and economic way.  With specialty lines of LEDs such as decorative, explosion proof and vapour tight we can help you light up your areas how you need.  Use Flexstrip to add light, highlight and showcase your area, both indoors and outdoors.  With several lines adapted for 347V buildings we can service your commercial and industrial spaces easily.  All our lighting systems can be paired with a control system, ranging from occupancy sensing, to timers, to dimmers to give you the exact control you want, and increase your energy savings up to 90%.   Our focus is always on quality, so we only work with the top 5% of the quality spectrum, which has allowed us to achieve a less than 1% defect rate.