How Your Property Can Benefit from an LED Lighting System in the Cold Weather

How Your Property Can Benefit from an LED Lighting System in the Cold Weather

You certainly have heard a lot about the advantages of LED lighting systems. In contrast to the traditional and fluorescent lights, LED lights are energy efficient and are safe for the environment too. However, most of us are unaware of the sustainability of these lights in the cold weather. Here is a detailed overview.

Benefits of LED Lamps in Winter:

LED Lighting Systems Have a Longer Lifetime:

In cold weather, most electric bulbs don’t last long. Because of the excess heat emission, these lights burst in extreme cold weather. Unlike that, LEDs don’t emit heat in the form of infrared radiation. Therefore, illumination is not a problem in the case of LED bulbs. LED lamps have long lifetimes and have robust structure too. In normal weather, these bulbs can last for more than 25,000 hours. Plus, these lights work efficiently under cold weather without any problem in performance.

LEDs Require Low Maintenance:

The long lifetime of LEDs certainly reduces the replacement needs significantly. This doesn’t just save your money, but it also saves your time too. The maintenance cost is also low when you use good-quality LED lamps. Unlike other light fixtures, you don’t need to spend money on replacing LED lights often and that is a major advantage in cold weather.

LED Systems Offer a High Level of Efficiency:

When the outdoor temperature sinks below the freezing temperature, the electric bulbs use more power to emit heat and give enough light. However, LEDs are high-efficiency light sources that even work efficiently under cold weather conditions. Therefore, LED lighting systems are highly used in commercial buildings and outdoor signage. With many wattage options, the efficacy of the LEDs exceeds the performance of the fluorescent energy saving lights too.

Enjoy More Brightness with an LED Lighting Systems

Although LEDs consume very small amount of power, they produce a brighter light than a regular bulb. Even the smallest watt LED bulbs can produce 30 lm/W. In colder weather, these lights produce a high level brightness in outdoor areas. If you have an incandescent light bulb installed outdoors, consider replacing with a low watt LED bulb. These low watt LEDs are designed to produce the same amount of light as a high watt bulb.

Install a New LED Lighting System this Winter with Eco Lighting Solutions.


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