LED Lighting Systems and Your Health

LED Lighting Systems and Your Health

Everyone understands that ecologically friendly lighting is great for utility bills and the environment and its potential health benefits aren’t as widely known. Although turning on an LED light bulb isn’t going to magically cure your cold or give you superpowers, there’s ample evidence to support the idea that it can improve your overall well being.

What Does Science Say About Industrial LED Lighting Fixtures?

The potential health benefits of LED lighting have long been recognized. Unlike conventional bulbs, these electronic devices radiate precise wavelengths of light, which makes them great for medical procedures that depend on the application of specific colors and types of illumination.

LED lighting may aid people in their battles with depression, agitation or sleeping irregularities. By modifying the color of light produced at certain times of day, LED control systems have been shown to help people keep their biological clocks operating correctly. When used with commercial lighting fixtures in Calgary offices, these kinds of systems could have significant benefits for workers who spend their days inside during the shorter winter months.

Clearing up LED Lighting Misconceptions

You may have heard about potential retinal health risks associated with bright blue light sources, such as those found in many “white” LED lights. Experts suggest that harmful exposures are a relatively unlikely risk, although you should avoid gazing deeply into light boxes from up close for prolonged periods of time.

In reality, LEDs have a lower overall chance of causing health problems than many other high-efficiency bulbs, such as compact fluorescent, or CFL, lights. All fluorescents flicker at rates that are usually imperceptible to most humans, but they’ve been implicated in exacerbating the symptoms of epilepsy, migraines and other conditions.

Some research even suggests that using flickering fluorescent lights in the workplace may be associated with job performance reductions. These bulbs can also release toxic UV rays if the inside coating is crack and mercury when they’re broken.

Should You Switch to an LED Lighting System?

For most people, deciding whether to upgrade the residential lighting in their Calgary homes is a no-brainer, but some balk at doing the same in professional settings. After all, these installations are more extensive, so they usually require extra time and effort.

In the end, it all boils down to whether you believe that improving your surroundings is worth it. Creating a healthier workplace or home environment might better your life for years to come. To get started, talk to one of our LED experts about installing ECO lighting solutions in your properties.

Choose an Expert LED Lighting Provider

Installing an LED lighting system in your home or a professional setting may require professional help to ensure you can get the full benefits of LED light bulbs. To get started, talk to one of our LED experts about installing LED lighting solutions in your properties.

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